Ola, los bieros!

Lübzer Premium

Bottom-fermented full-bodied beer brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516. Lübzer Premium has a mild, prickly taste with 5,2 % vol alcohol.

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Lübzer Pils

a bottom-fermented, full-bodied beer brewed in the Pilsner tradition, Germany’s most popular kind of beer. Pils has a lean, prickly taste, with hops up front, and a creamy foam head. Take the time to enjoy a premium Pilsner brewed according to the German einheitsgebot, the beer purity law dating back to 1516.

Lübzer Alkoholfrei

a genuine alternative for those who enjoy drinking beer and want non-alcoholic refreshment. Experience this mildly bitter, non-alcoholic beverage of the same Lübzer quality characteristic as the rest of our range.

Lübzer Urkraft

a unique combination of a zesty flavour and an enriched alcohol content of 6% result in a unique taste experience. Lübzer Urkraft has a full-bodied, distinctive taste. The transparent glass bottle highlights its contemporary design and lets the beer’s amber colour shine through.

Lübzer Schwarzbier

a very dark, full-bodied beer with a finely roasted character achieved by using a special variety of roasted malt. This culinary beer speciality’s roots can be traced back to Lübzer’s home in the north of Germany and pay tribute to a regional tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. Today, ladies in particular love the effervescence of this Schwarzbier with its mild, roasted aroma – best enjoyed at the right temperature from a traditional Schwarzbier glass.
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